About Us

Oye Balle Balle hotel offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery to nashik, Oye Balle Balle hotel is a cornerstone in the our community and has been recognized for its outstanding Oye Balle Balle hotel cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Our Oye Balle Balle hotel restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients

This is my favorite Oye Balle Balle hotel place in nashik and maybe the city. They are really friendly and always remember me. Summer and Summer deluxe are great. Ceviche is great as well. Recommend this over the place down the block. It is more intimate and authentic feeling

Our Reveiws

It's was great to find a Punjabi restaurant in Nashik, we loved the aloo paratha made us feel like we are in North india. We also ordered chole kulche, chole were really good in taste and texture but the kulcha was more like a butter naan without stuffing. The service was very instant we hardly waited for 10 min for our food.
Gurparvesh Kaur

Good for north indian and Punjabi food, tandoor items were best. Good quality food.Sitting arrangements decent, not suitable for large crowds.Crowded most of times so don't be surprised if you get a waiting, but the food makes up for most part.Service could be better, staff isn't that great.
Food Stop India

So firstly i have visited this place and since it was punjabi theme restaurant i tried chole bhature and buttermilk both were upto the mark.Second time I ordered a chicken biryani reading all the reviews and it was a disaster never had such disappointing biryani, it was more like a khichdi
Rishabh Gupta